Weyant Enterprises - Professional IT Services since 1996
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"Our creed is to operate in the clients' best interest."

Michael Weyant


Weyant Enterprises is a premier Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) with its headquarters in Oxnard California. We focus on quality, thoroughness and professionalism. We boast experienced professionals and an extremely low margin of error.

We have invested significantly in the best automation and management tools which allow granular levels of control and customization. This ensures our service level remains top notch. These tools, in combination with the policies we set in place, are what allow us to keep our competitive edge.

Founded by Michael Weyant in 1996, Weyant Enterprises originally opened its doors in Visalia, and then moved to Oxnard in 2008. Having worked for several IT companies, Michael adopted the policies of the best IT companies and learned from the failures of others. With this experience he built Weyant Enterprises to be a step above the rest.


In December 2008 Michael Weyant was invited by Dr LeRoy K Carson and Dr Callum S Durward to go to the International University and setup Cambodia's first Dental Digital X-ray system.