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Messaging is now a mission critical application for business, but delivering a feature-rich messaging service is challenging. Regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Merger and divestiture activities require rapid adjustment of service capacity. Good technical expertise is in high demand. The “buy versus build” economics are changing.

Weyant Enterprises Hosted Exchange1 is an enterprise messaging service based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that helps deliver the protection your company demands and the anywhere2 access employees want. Weyant Enterprises Hosted Exchange leverages our knowledge of Microsoft products, best practices developed with customers and partners, and experience from operating Microsoft’s internal corporate messaging to deliver a world-class, mission-critical service. Weyant Enterprises handles setup, provisioning, ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your Exchange Server Infrastructure reducing workload on your IT resources and enabling them to focus on core strategic initiatives that move your business forward.

How it Works

Weyant Enterprises Hosted Exchange leverages geographically dispersed data centers. Each data center houses a reliable redundant infrastructure needed to support the service. Weyant Enterprise Hosted Exchange helps simplify IT management by removing customers’ need to deploy, configure, monitor and update/upgrade and support an e-mail solution on premises. With Weyant Enterprises Hosted Exchange, your enterprise can be up and running quickly.

Weyant Enterprises offers a comprehensive messaging solution with a simple per-user monthly fee. Key features include:

  • 2GB mailbox (additional storage available for purchase), shared calendar, contacts, tasks.
  • Outlook Client Connectivity including Outlook Anywhere.
  • Outlook Web Access.
  • Virus/Spam filtering via Barracuda Advanced Spam firewall.
  • Push e-mail for Windows Mobile 6.0 devices.
  • Optional Blackberry services
  • Built in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • 99.9% scheduled uptime with financially backed service level agreements.
  • Use of https helps keep Internet access secure.
  • 24/7 Web form and phone based Tier-2 support for IT Administrators
  • Sign-In Tool for single sign on capability.
  • Directory Synchronization Tool helps keep on-premise and online Active Directories in sync.
  • Coexistence — ability for some users to be on mail servers on premises and for some to be online.
  • Migration Tools help you move your current mailbox data into the online environment.

Standard Parameters

1 GB mailbox (additional storage available for purchase)

E-mail, Shared Calendar & Contacts

Use of https helps keep internet access secure

Virus/Spam filtering via Exchange Hosted Filtering

Single Sign-On capability via Sign-In Tool

24/7 Web form and phone based Tier 2 Support for IT Admin

User subscription fee

Client Support

Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook Web Access

IE6+ and Firefox2.0+


Push e-mail for Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Devices

Optional Blackberry Sync

Outlook Web Access

Data Protection Service

Daily backup

Deleted item retention

Business continuity and disaster recovery


Periodic Security Assessments

Continuous Intrusion Monitoring and Detection

Service Level Agreements

99.9% scheduled uptime with financially backed service level agreements

Migration Tools

Allow you to migrate POP/IMAP and Exchange 2003 mailbox data to the online environment

Directory Synchronization Tool

This tool allows you to keep the on-premise and the online Active Directories in sync

E-mail Coexistence

A company with an e-mail server on-premise can continue to have some users on e-mail server on premises and some users on the online service

Admin Center

Centralized, Web-based access for configuration and administration of Exchange Online, including: Mailboxes, user settings, distribution lists, company settings, and staff settings.

Tool

Provides single sign-on capability and access to all Microsoft Online Services

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1This document describes the Hosted Exchange Standard offering only
2Wherever an Internet connection is available