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"Mike and his staff are the best computer IT tech company I have ever come across. They are reasonable, help me immediately so I have no down time, and know the latest technology out there."
Dr. Derek K. Carson DDS


Weyant Enterprises provides products as an added value to our clients.

We evaluate, use and recommend products, services and solutions for the benefit of our clients. We endorse many products and recommend them based on your needs. We work hard to ensure the products we recommend have a proven track record of compatibility and stability.

Used Computers

If you're on a budget, ask about off-lease business systems for sale. Contact us at +1 (805) 616-2150 for details and pricing.

New Computers

We build custom solutions to fit your needs. We endorse Intel® hardware and recommend Windows® 10 Professional. If you want to purchase a new computer, simply Customize your quote today!

We also install, configure, and support a wide range of Linux based operating systems including RedHat/Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and other *nix operating systems.


Get more Productive with Windows® 10 and Office Professional Plus 2019

We are pleased to offer two exciting new releases from Microsoft—Microsoft® Office 365 and Windows® 10 Professional.

Windows® 10 Professional is designed to help your company meet today’s challenges while allowing you the flexibility to prepare for tomorrow’s. Built on the significant technical advances created for Windows® Server 2019 operating systems, Windows® 10 can help you enable your users be more productive everywhere, enhance security and control, and streamline the management of desktop environment.

Microsoft Office 365 allows your workforce to easily manage their e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts; and quickly create documents and presentations. All programs integrate seamlessly to offer valuable new management tools that save time, enhance communications, and streamline collaboration. Not to mention improved menus and tools.

Update your desktop environment now with these powerful tools, so you can work the way you want to, get more done, and help safeguard your work.