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With the purchase of managed services you will save money in the form of more productive employees and computer systems that are continuously optimized for performance.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about things such as checking the systems logs, anti-virus updates, or verify the backups. By streamlining the maintenance process Weyant Enterprises will ensure that your computer and network infrastructure is monitored for symptoms that can lead to errors or even failures if they are not responded to in a timely manner.

Let's get down to the details. What will our service include?

For your servers:
  • We will monitor the Application and System logs. Respond to and automatically correct issues that occur1
  • We will monitor the RAID array. In the event a hard drive fails we will purchase a replacement drive, charge it to your account, and schedule an on-site visit to replace the failed drive
  • We will monitor the backup logs
  • We will verify the data on the backup drive every Quarter
  • We will monitor system performance and make recommendations on upgrades and recommended time frames for technology

For your workstations:
  • We will monitor the Application and System logs for warnings and errors and respond accordingly
  • We will monitor the anti-virus updates and check the virus scanner logs for errors
  • We will clean out the anti-virus quarantine once a week
  • We will schedule defrag to run once a week
  • We will schedule anti-virus to run once a week

For your printers:
  • We will monitor printer ink levels
  • Order printer supplies on your behalf using your existing service contract and schedule a service call to replace them when necessary

For your Mobile devices:
  • We will provide support for email configuration on your mobile devices including your tablets

How can we provide all this?

We install an agent on the server. The agent finds all the Windows computers on your network and installs itself on each computer. The agent monitors the computers and provides us with extensive amounts of data, including what programs are running and installed, device drivers in use, statistical CPU and RAM usage history, last anti-virus update, last successful backup, and more.

In addition to monitoring, the agent receives commands from our control station. This allows us to write scripts to automate administration tasks and automatically correct problems.

With this agent, a user can submit a trouble ticket and a technician can take remote control of the workstation and assist. It is NOT required to use the ticketing system you are always free to call us.

What is not included in Managed Services?

Managed services is designed for maintenance and pro-active management. It does not include projects such and new server rollouts, infrastructure changes, office moves, or software support for your specialty applications. For that we recommend a support contract from the software manufacture.

How can I tell if Managed Services is really working?

You will receive monthly network health reports which include:

Complete Integrated Management Reports
  • Detailed list, table and graphic style reports
  • Complete and customizable reports
  • Complete Computer Changes Report
  • Disk Utilization
  • License Usage and Compliance
  • Network Monitoring Usage and Statistics
  • Server and Workstation Uptime History
  • Computer Logs and Status
  • Security Patch and Update Status

Flexible Report Customization
  • Report for all, groups or specific computers
  • Detailed filtering and content selection
  • Immediate viewing with hyperlinks for quick data access
  • Save reports with selected parameters for reuse
  • Export report data to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel

Ready to get started?

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1 Some issues may require a server reboot, hardware, or an on-site service call. If this is the case you will be notified and we will schedule an on-site visit if necessary. If it’s outside business hours and we see no one is using the server, we may reboot it without notice to apply a patch or update.